Astral Arcade


To score high you must fly well, a­voi­ding the Notyous while de­stroy­ing them with your Whack-o-Slack blast bat­te­ry. Fire­pow­er can be in­creased by col­lect­ing five ap­ples. Pick­ing up five hearts in a row will charge your shield.

All edges of the he­xa­go­nal are­na are con­nect­ed to their op­po­site like por­tals, ma­king for a puz­zling­ly dan­ger­ous play­ing field that might take some ex­pe­ri­ence to wrap your head around. Are you ca­pa­ble of surf­ing the waves of cha­os and de­feat­ing the Baphomech?


board game

A di­gi­tal ver­sion of Quarto, cre­a­ted in ce­le­bra­tion of its 25th an­ni­vers­a­ry.

There are six­teen unique pie­ces, each with four pro­per­ties. Pla­yers take turns choo­sing a piece which the other player then pla­ces on the board. Line up four pie­ces or form a two by two block with at least one com­mon pro­per­ty to win the game.

Blip 'n Blup

Skyward Adventures

puzzle platformer

Two fish, a pact with Sa'Tong and a quest for food, en­light­en­ment and trust.

Tired of the trash rai­ning from a­bove with food grow­ing scarce, Blip and Blup nar­row­ly es­cape be­ing crushed by a con­tai­ner full of shoes that de­stroys their home. They de­cide to put on a pair and take the plunge to the sur­face. But they are not a­lone.

Catch bugs and feed the poor crea­tures to the ex­tor­ting eel (be­fore he gets too hun­gry) as you ven­ture fur­ther from the sea, to where no fish has gone be­fore.

LucKey Park

It's just a ride

amusement park construction

Build and en­joy your own theme park. From how far away can you at­tract vi­si­tors?

Open Saucer

Mutiny on the Mothership

vehicular soccer

The sau­cers are done ar­gu­ing over which end is the big one, and decide to set­tle the mat­ter once and for all.

Prove you are cor­rect by wreck­ing the other side's re­ac­tor core using the in­fi­nite sup­ply of ball-like bombs at your dis­po­sal.


Search for Sardinia

3D platformer

With the ocean running out of sardines, Tux has to travel and search the oddest places to find enough fish to feed his family.


the Curse of Greyface

dungeon crawler

Storm the Black Iron Prison, trip your balls in­side out and lift the curse of Greyface.

The Birdhouse is under threat of be­ing nuked by or­der of the OR. The Last Tree, in which this home re­sides, is deemed too strange to exist. Out­raged, KO de­ci­des to file a com­plaint like he never filed a com­plaint before, and sets out to save his com­munity.

Masters of Oneiron

strategy adventure

With the de­struc­tion of Earth, as a re­sult of two asymp­tot­ic sta­bi­li­ty war­pers be­ing trig­gered in con­cert, a­noth­er world e­mer­ges with­in the bub­ble where space­time was fol­ded in­to the imag­in­a­ry by the phy­sics-de­fy­ing blast. Uni­fied in the ca­tas­tro­phy and dri­ven by a strong de­sire to un­do this grea­test of mis­takes, the hu­man spi­rit molds its ex­plo­ding home­world in­to a sta­ble cy­clo­to­mic field and pa­tient­ly hopes for the best.

Start a­new, dis­co­ver tech­no­lo­gies, shape your en­vi­ron­ment, grow your tribe and seek pur­pose in this un­ex­plored lu­cid realm where mind and mat­ter meet.

OG Tatt

Respect is only the beginning


Pick a gang and roam the law­less world of Art in this free and open source top-down gang­war game.


Beyond the Chopping Block

First person shooter with six degrees of freedom

Severed from their bodies for their ef­forts of hal­ting the dork lord's corona­tion, these floa­ting heads are enjoy­ing an odd after­life.


Thee block-based map editor

Ideal for cre­a­ting en­vi­ron­ments that con­sist main­ly of re­used 3D mo­dels, po­si­tioned on a grid.


Bestride your imagination

A pro­te­an world buil­der that puts you in the sad­dle of cre­a­ti­vi­ty.